For One, Too.

This April, I am going to take my talents to…..

Planning to pack my bags…

how does one really narrow down a place to land when the land is so expansive and the spaces are WIDE OPEN?

Here’s to 2019: Authenticity

Every year, I choose a word; something that I can continually practice, grow from, and endeavor throughout the whole year.

The darkness and the light

Where I also say thank you to a special unnamed friend – you provided me so much strength when I didn’t have my own.

This is me and I’m never enough…

It’s taken me forever, but I finally saw The Greatest Showman. Though I’ve heard much of the music before, there are two songs that have reverberated throughout my psyche. I think we all share some of the same themes that are portrayed in this movie. So many demons and voices hide within our darkness. The…