Do you take the time?

I’ve had a great night tonight. Yes, I really have, minus the moment where I bounced my head off the cupboard because I was reading a tweet. Here’s my PSA for today. Don’t Cook and Tweet.

I need to preface this; at any given day. My head bounces off of many things. This just happened to be a moment while i was intertwined with some other version of social communication.
That being said, after a bunch of poking fun and the like, the heavy comes on. What happens when you don’t have the fun to poke. What happens when that last blow to the head that you’re used to receiving stops? What then?

Tonight, I got the opportunity to share my affection with those I love, but I think you should never let a conversation end where you think someone will know. If you appreciate them, it only takes  millisecond to say, “Thanks man, I needed this” to share with them a moment which indicates that yes, you shared value… We all, In our lived want to feel valued. How many time s a day are you valued? It only takes a minute. How many of those do you have left?

2 responses to “Do you take the time?”

  1. Thanks Schnikelodeon…I needed this! I am so excited about your blog…can’t wait to read all the ‘isms’ you have to share! 😉

    Sorry about your head…must’ve been some tweet!!!! Just sayin…

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