While we’re writing…

Its not supposed to be forced, right?

Well, I let it happen and something lead me to an OLD, OLD web page, I thought it was long gone. It was not, it’s still floating around the interwebs, mocking me. As I was poking around I found some old pictures of me, some will enjoy this, so I had to share. First, a picture:

Quite the look eh?
Quite the look eh?

That was me, a few years ago. My hair matched the jacket. I know, what a look!

Anyways, I was looking through some other stuff and I ran across a piece of poetry I wrote, so, now that you’ve recovered from Picture Shock. Here’s a little bit of wordiness;

Direction – Written 07/18/2005

Another day bursts unto itself
Again I revise my path and direction
Monday the eighteenth
In seven days I add another year
This year has taught me so much
I’ve learned to appreciate my friends
More than I have in the past
I’ve learned how to love again
Been reminded how much love hurts
I’ve learned how passion
Of a life’s long work
Can inspire and impart years of knowledge
Upon a willing pupil
As always you have many families
The ones you’re bore into
The one you’ve chosen
And those who’ve chosen you
Each one, separate houses, divided
Some support, some berate
Some remain oblivious

I hope you enjoyed this trip down my memory lane. 🙂

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