5 comments on “No Pictures Please?!?

  1. So, if I’m hearing you correctly…you are saying that your job ain’t no walk in the park?! 🙂

    Honestly, I can completely see where you are coming from. You should have control over how/when/where your image is portrayed.

    It’s the friendliness in your voice and how you treat your customers that counts…not the fake smile you paste on while you put in your 8 hours…(In my humble opinion).

  2. OK, so I heard about all of this during lunch, but I’ve had a bit to think about this.

    All over town, there are billboards w/ the faces of realtors. The point of them is to advertise themselves and give a “face” to the name. Some of them are nice looking. There’s one in particular, though, that’s scary as all hell! She’s got to be the worst mix of Tammy Faye & drag queen I’ve EVER seen! (I’m sure you’ve seen it and know who I’m talking about) Now, if I were to base my decision SOLEY on that, there’s no way in HELL I would go with them! There’s no way I would, anyway, but that’s not the point.

    Bridget’s right, decisions aren’t made upon pictures. They’re made on interactions. Talking to people, shaking their hand, getting a feel for who they are.

  3. A couple clarifications please – that was not the ONLY comment you received from co-workers. Electronic browsing of a website can be a step to encouraging IRL interaction. I disagree with the idea that images don’t endear people to a company. An image CAN and does often impact how a company/website is viewed..

    Also if your likeness/image/personality/marketability is not something you want shared in relationship with your company, send a written request to remove the image – I GUARANTEE your request will be addressed.

    BTW – I am in no way representing any company or anyone else’s thoughts. This is just me, bubbleessence, talking to you Schnik. 🙂

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