No Pictures Please?!?

This could also be titled… “Do I just need a reality(realty) check?” – I’ll let you be the judge…

I work for a company (I know… Overstating the obvious) who has a couple of websites, some of which, actually face the public.

At a meeting the other day, the group I work in was informed we were having our picture taken as a group for the purpose of putting a “personal” face on our company. Now, all in all that’s a little misleading, It wasn’t sprung on us last minute, we were warned a little before hand (Informed we needed to be professionally dressed for the picture)

“Why would you have a problem with your picture being taken” you ask? Its a logical question after I posted the picture in my last post. I really don’t like my picture being taken, for every 100 pictures taken of me, I probably like 5, so beyond my personal vanity, which I’ll freely admit might be somewhat of a factor, I’m a little annoyed with the whole idea.

“It puts a public face on the company” they say? Does it? Does an image of those people that work there make you any more endeared to a company? No. Conversations with people make a company more personable.

“Your image is out there on the web already” That’s a fair argument, and I may not truly control all its context, so true. but that doesn’t make it right for my company to do it. I didn’t license my likeness to them when I signed employment papers? Someone actually said…”Then you can’t go to Disneyland/world either, cause using your ticket allows them to use your likeness and image” Well, No Shit Sherlock – (Please pardon the artistic use of language.) I have never been to a Disney themepark, but I hardly think they are in any way, shape, or form, a comparison to where I work. Seriously.

Finally, I have many images of my likeness, one of which is my favorite:

Brains! Its what's for dinner
Brains! Its what's for dinner

out on the web, for you all to enjoy, but it’s within the exercise of my enjoyment. Not to make my company more friendly. This is my brand. This is who I am.

All that being said. I voiced my objection. When the picture was being taken, after the picture was taken, and even not too long ago. The comment I receive is “Are you serious?” Why does that surprise people. Should it? Shouldn’t I have some control over the use of my picture/likeness/image/personality/marketability? Anything?

So that leads me to ask…. Am I being ridiculous?

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  1. Bridget says:

    So, if I’m hearing you correctly…you are saying that your job ain’t no walk in the park?! 🙂

    Honestly, I can completely see where you are coming from. You should have control over how/when/where your image is portrayed.

    It’s the friendliness in your voice and how you treat your customers that counts…not the fake smile you paste on while you put in your 8 hours…(In my humble opinion).

  2. Karen says:

    OK, so I heard about all of this during lunch, but I’ve had a bit to think about this.

    All over town, there are billboards w/ the faces of realtors. The point of them is to advertise themselves and give a “face” to the name. Some of them are nice looking. There’s one in particular, though, that’s scary as all hell! She’s got to be the worst mix of Tammy Faye & drag queen I’ve EVER seen! (I’m sure you’ve seen it and know who I’m talking about) Now, if I were to base my decision SOLEY on that, there’s no way in HELL I would go with them! There’s no way I would, anyway, but that’s not the point.

    Bridget’s right, decisions aren’t made upon pictures. They’re made on interactions. Talking to people, shaking their hand, getting a feel for who they are.

  3. Nancy P says:

    I can’t believe for one minute that you are serious….so ya know…. 🙂

  4. Bubbleessence says:

    A couple clarifications please – that was not the ONLY comment you received from co-workers. Electronic browsing of a website can be a step to encouraging IRL interaction. I disagree with the idea that images don’t endear people to a company. An image CAN and does often impact how a company/website is viewed..

    Also if your likeness/image/personality/marketability is not something you want shared in relationship with your company, send a written request to remove the image – I GUARANTEE your request will be addressed.

    BTW – I am in no way representing any company or anyone else’s thoughts. This is just me, bubbleessence, talking to you Schnik. 🙂

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