It’s funny, I love Twitter & Facebook, I love the ability to keep up with friends at my own pace and as I am able; however, life sometimes becomes really busy and its sometimes hard to keep up with those who don’t reside on the interwebs. I know, in this day and age it seems like a hard thing to imagine. But I have a friend who has been my friend for many many years. In fact longer than anyone else I’ve know who isn’t related to me. In the neighborhood of Twenty plus years. She is the mother of my Godchildren, one of which is named after me and every time I think of picking up the phone to give her a call, It seems too late at night. We keep in touch through the most scant of measures: texts, a quick call here and there. I feel like a bad friend. I know I’m not, I know its just time doing what it does, but that’s what friendship truly is. Knowing that within a moments time, a quick hello “how’s it going?” all remains the same. I don’t talk about her often. I’ve never said it better, but this is how I describe my friend. I hope you enjoy some of my old writing. I apologize if the flow is a little bumpy.

Have you ever met a person whose magnetism draws you to them from across a mental distance so great that you would swim the expanse of the Pacific Ocean just to hear their voice? Yet you know that without any lines of communication you feel their presence in your heart, head, throughout your soul, and in every fiber of your being? That is the kind of friend Gina is to me.
In this life she has honored me not only with the most phenomenal gift of her friendship, but she has also blessed me with the honor of two godchildren, her first, named after me, and also her second, in a way named after me. You see, when I was born, my parents were expecting a girl (who would have thought eh?) I was to be named Natasha Marie, instead I came out a boy, and was named Nicholas Christopher, Which happens to be the names of her children. The second was named without knowing the previous story. Call it fate, call it kismet, call it whatever. How did Gina and I become this close? Well, I guess you could say through persistence.
Sixth grade, 1989, Kellogg Middle School. See, I had been dating Miss Candice, my first real girlfriend you could say, Gina had met her, I believe, cause they had gone to school together previously, and Gina’s best friend Christina, who didn’t seem to care for me all that much. We all converged on the same table during lunch, and subsequently after school, I found out they walked roughly the same path I did home, and well, I was persistent, something drew me to Gina, and she was pretty good at not giving me the time of day. I never gave up, and one day it happened, Christina had said something that didn’t sit well with Gina and she decided that since I was around, she would talk to me, and pretty much from that day on, we have been good friends and later, the best of friends. You see, sometimes it really does pay to be tenacious.
Gina and I have had many adventures, We have been through quite a bit. Yet, she somehow still puts up with me I guess, there in itself is an example of an exemplary lady. I guess a couple of my personal favorites, one is a time in which I probably shouldn’t have even been alive… My twenty-first birthday, the other, far earlier in our friendship, yet bringing laughter into the world. Let’s start with the former…
My twenty-first birthday, July 25th 1999. We, and when I say we, I mean ten of my friends and I, had started out the evening going out to one of my favorite restaurants, Chang’s Mongolian Grill. If you have never been to this particular establishment, it is set up buffet-style, in the first part, you choose your meat, which is all frozen: pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, cod, etc. The second part, is all your vegetables, which are fresh, and the third is your seasonings, all in liquid. They have things like cooking sherry, ginger, garlic, lime juice, vinegar, salt water, hot oil, you get the picture, then you get in line at the cookery. Where two guys working in a silent union, run around this super hot wok-type hot plate, you can feel the heat from 5 feet back. and they throw it on there and in usually about 2 or 3 minutes, you get a plate of piping hot food. How they keep track of whose stuff is whose, I have yet to catch on, just remember to stay in your place in line, they hate it if you move. So with the ten of us keeping them busy, laughing, having a good time, drinking wine, it was a lively bunch.
Gina had to be home as she couldn’t go out with us to the bars that night, so a good handful of us went out on the town, I left my car at my friend Jeremey’s and off we went. I had so much to drink that I lost count. I was rather Schnik-faced. So when we got back to Jeremey’s, where I was going to sleep off the night, something went all kookier in my head and I had it in my mind that I had to get out of there, I couldn’t spend the night, so I waited until he went to the bathroom, snagged my keys and hopped in my car, away I went! Rather than going home, which was a much shorter drive, I called Gina, and informed her I was on the road and I wanted to see her, so over to her house I went. I got there, and we talked for about 5 minutes, upon which she proceeded to give me a rather terse tongue-lashing on how I should not be driving, and that I should get home and think about what I had done. (Yeah, I know)
This  other experience, back in middle school. Seventh grade. You see, it was time for the big drama presentation for the school, and Ms. Doocy; our drama teacher wanted to get all three grades involved, So it was deemed that the Seventh Grade, would be the judges and there would be 4 girls and 4 guys selected. Gina and I somehow made the cut. It was revealed to us that the guys would be dressed as girls and the girls made into guys. Now, I guess in retrospect I am glad my parents were never really interested in my after school stuff. But, this would be my first time meeting Gina’s parents…. oh boy! So as we are getting ready, Gina goes to put makeup on me. Little did I know at the time, that this makeup would be waterproof and she was going to make me up all sorts of pretty… (oh yeah, I know you can imagine.) Lets just say, my first meeting with Gina’s parents was rather peculiar….

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  1. Bridget says:

    Gina sounds awesome…you are lucky to have such a wonderful friend and she’s blessed to have you in return!!

    The Schnik-faced comment cracked me up…oh, and don’t drink and drive(or tweet) LOL

  2. Karen says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I understand fully the type of friendship you have with Gina, as I have the same with Shianne (and w/ Gina to an extent). I know there aren’t enough words in the world to fully explain the extent of our love for these people. How they’re way more then best friends. How our lives wouldn’t be complete without them and that it doesn’t matter if we rarely talk.

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