National Poetry Day

I read somewhere that today is National Poetry day. While I would love to regale you with some new poem hot off the presses. It’s really hard for me to come up with something on the spot; so to celebrate, I’ve dusted off some ones that I have written. I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Vision – Written 10/08/2004

Surreal in this form

Free spirited movement

Soaring, sailing, elapsing

Closed, opening, new, everlasting

Intricate, indicative, selective,

Solace in itself, a new place

Broadcasting its mixed signals

This dawn carries a new day

The dark its nemesis

Steady movements balance the equation

The cracks in its façade

The pain never felt for either

Fire from the suns blinding glow

Water from the oceans grasp

Wind signals nature’s fury

Earth surrounds and envelops

A formula building for celebrating

A cyclone of new ideas and visions

Abstract explosions of color

Lost thoughts forever beat in time

The glow, the warmth, the wind

The cold endeavors to placate the masses

Yet entertain the minions.

Sanctum – 2005

Take a moment everyday

Stop and enjoy a scenic view

May it bring a moments respite

May its beauty help you find yours

Allow the delicate serenity to offer safe harbor

In the journey to find your peace.

Found my footing – Written 06/26/2005

The rhythmic cadence

Sets the tone

Each chatter, tatter

Echoing bass

Beckons the mind

As each line is written

Her roaming, deliberate

Yet, random

A predator circling its prey

This all too random

Precise placement of pawns

This power play

Has all too often been published

A bulwark of education

This attempt comical

The storyteller afforded no space

As he pens his epic

The medicine man disenfranchised

The time has come

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