In the arts…

I’ve seen quite a bit of arts related performances as of late. I should have posted them a while ago, but I just hadn’t had the idea of getting behind the keyboard. There are only two to remember so I’ll try to be brief.

August: Osage County – Keller Auditorium – Broadway Across America

I actually have a really great review of this show, I thought the acting was well placed and executed, the emotions were projected and I found myself completely enthralled within the story. I do find it humorous that a community blogger who received free tickets to the show, walked out in the second of the four acts. I guess being recruited to review a show means you only have to stay so long. But I digress. (Next time you want someone to review with an eager but decerning mind, let me know) At any rate, I had a great time and was really excited to see Estelle Parsons (Of Roseanne Fame). I enjoyed myself.

Les Misérables – The Student Edition – CYT Vancouver

I had the opportunity to see this musical with a friend in Vancouver. I’ve heard many things about this play. I had never seen or actually researched the story, which I found out while watching the play, left me feeling a little lost. The story really travels many years within the span of only a few scant hours and since this was a community production, the costumes, makeup and sets were rather reserved. Now, for a community production it wasn’t half bad, the real beacon and the few saving graces of the show were the two main characters; Jean Valjean and Javert. Now this production was a children’s Community Production – Which really eludes to the type of production, but the two teens who played the aforementioned characters we’re quite refreshing. Other than a few other bright spots. I was left with the impression “Well, at least it didn’t suck” 🙂

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