Madder than a wet hen

An open letter to The cities and counties of Portland, Milwaukie, Multnomah and Clackamas, Oregon.


Dear all,

Let first start by saying that I’m surprised. Did you know it rains in Oregon? Did you know that most of the roads flood in Portland and Milwaukie? What you may not know is that the flooding is not always caused by leaves in the storm drains, which you’d happily blame. The flooding is because for whatever reason the regional, state and federal transportation organizations haven’t figured out flood abatement. I don’t know why this is considering it rains Seven of Twelve months in Portland. Lets start looking at drainage. Particularly along Highway 84 from Troutdale to Hood River. You know, since it never rains in the Columbia Gorge? Secondly, You might want to take a look at McLoughlin Blvd, The two lanes in either direction slow to 30 miles an hour because of the constant puddle from Downtown Milwaukie to 17th avenue in Portland. Even worse, the water that is stirred up from either car in either set of lanes splashes across the “barrier” you have or across the lane, which causes ZERO visibility. Have you ever driven with your windshield wipers on full and you can’t break the stream of water? You end up getting vertigo. You think there would be some money that you’ve siphoned off the taxpayers that would allow you to create a regional study to look at standing water abatement. Why? Because it rains in Oregon. You think we’d have already taken a look at this. One final thing? Whomever decided it was a good idea to pave roads with a texture that would reflect light in the rain? Smart. The lane reflectors are not visible on McLoughlin, no wonder there are multiple injury accidents on this stretch of Oregon roads.

Warmest Regards.

Photo by Aaron Hockley/Hockley Photography, used under Creative Commons licensing

One response to “Madder than a wet hen”

  1. While we’re at it, how about the grooves on Sunset between the zoo and the tunnel, one of the other worst stretches of highway in town. So very true.

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