What is this weightlessness?

Ok. So I’m not sure if I like Glee. I know, throw me under the bus. But Really. I happened to catch the following clip, and I can’t help but compare the two. Which of these two really makes you Defy Gravity?

The Glee Cast:

Or The Original?

Listen to them both. I’m interested in your impression?

3 responses to “What is this weightlessness?”

  1. The Glee version sounds overproduced to me and the second seems to carry more emotion. So I’m for the second version. Plus it reminds me of Wicked, which was awesome.

    I’ve tried giving Glee a few chances and I just don’t get it. Not my show of choice.

    (I’m now listening to the second one again and I second my own vote)

  2. Always and forever, Idina Menzel. All of her renditions give me goosebumps and I absolutely love Wicked. The Glee version is cute and has promise, but nothing compares to Idina. Also if you want a good one, try to look up Donna Vivino – she’s currently playing Elphaba on tour and was absolutely amazing during her stay here in Portland. I was a dresser on the show for the 5 weeks they were here and I damn near cried every time I heard that song…..8 performances a week…yeah, got to me every time.

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