…And the winner is?

A little disclosure. Through the magic of Twitter and Facebook, I won the two items below.

Tickets to Joe’s Night Out:

Friday I had the opportunity to go to Joe’s Night out. Thanks to a contest on Twitter. The night was at the Newmark Theater at the Portland Center for Performing Arts. Upon arrival I was greeted by Joe himself (This joe being Joe Donlon from KGW)  This was an evening chock full of uplifting songs and performances starring the likes of Julianne Johnson, Patrick Lamb, Michael Allen Harrison and The Jefferson Dancers. It truly was a magnificent evening. Here’s a a couple pictures. 🙂 If you want an interesting story, ask how I won?

You can also find my Flickr stream of photo’s and videos here.  🙂

The Second thing I won via Facebook. That was the Sweet Celebration Package at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas.

King Suite, Jacuzzi and 40+ inch TV. I was set. 🙂

You can find some pictures here.  It was nice, the hotel’s service was impeccable and the amenities incredible. Great for a relaxing evening.

Ahh. The power of Social Applications!

salut!!! 🙂

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