A Thanksgiving Tradition

I’ve been talking to friends recently and almost everyone has some sort of tradition. Something that people do with either friends or family or both around this time of year. As Thanksgiving comes around the thing I always look forward to is… Turkeybowl!

What is TurkeyBowl you ask? Turkeybowl is where my friends get together and prior to the absolutely craziness that is the holiday season and get together for some quality fun. That fun is this……

We get together at a local pizza joint. This year is Flying Pie Pizza in SE Portland. (If you’re a meat-a-terian you should try the Miss Piggy) For a little bit of irreverent pizza pie eating then its off to the Bowling alley. Where, of course, we bowl. There are 5 prizes to be had at the end of the night. Most Strikes, Most Spares, Highest Series (Which I usually win) & Lowest Series (Edit: I forgot – Best style, which is voted on at the end of the night, mind you, the later the night, the more booze that pours..).

I’m looking forward to it this year. What kind of non traditional – traditions do you and your friends/family have?

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