A little something I’m working on.

For my next writing assignment is a personal narrative. I’m struggling to get it all out of my head, but here’s the opening paragraph. “Ladies and gentlemen, as we arrive at the station please remain in your seats. We’ll disembark as soon as we can.” The bus driver said. The road was empty save for a random blast of headlights as we approached the bus depot. Red and blue lights were flashing in the distance. As the engine of the bus labored into its final turn the police and medical teams started into action. They were running along side the … Continue reading A little something I’m working on.

Student Review

So, Another student has reviewed my story. I wanted to showcase some of her reactions: What I like about the story? Nick is such a talented writer that I’d rather say: “I am speechless” and I’ll avoid any comparisons with my own story. Nick’s story touches a broad variety of topics including religion, life and death, beauty, crime, honesty, nature, and culture. This makes it interesting for the majority of the general public. The story deals with the very human experience of love, faith, hope, guilt, belief, grief, and happiness. The contrasts between misery and wealth, traditional and new, tragedy … Continue reading Student Review

Soliciting Comments

Well, I have been talking about it for a couple of days now. This epic story I had to write. I make no assumptions. But I am soliciting your comments. This story has to be formatted to MLA and what was given as a 3 page+ assignment has turned into a 12 page behemoth; While I will take your accolades, it would help me greatly if you should have feelings on editing I would certainly appreciate it. (Did I mention its VERY long) Thanks for reading. (Oh, you should notice some underlined words, these indicate a required items for this … Continue reading Soliciting Comments