These Excuses?

I wrote this near New Years, just haven’t gotten around to posting it.

So very often we take a small amount of effort and turn it into something so large in our head that it seems almost insurmountable.

Sometimes we never know the small impact of a kind word, a hint of encouragement, maybe even just the words “thank you”

There are so many opportunities in our lives to take the good inside yourself and share it with the world.

Do you exist for your life, or do you live your existence?

What do you do when your overwhelmed, do you give up, do you ask for help? Do you bottle it up and unleash it on the nearest unsuspecting victim? Usually someone you love or care about?

Do you take your time to evaluate the impact of your emotions?

Is it easier for you to praise someone your only acquainted with than someone you’ve known for years?

Is today only a bridge to tomorrow or is there no day but today?

We should never take a heartbeat for granted as someday you may not hear its cadence.

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