12 comments on “Blog Carnival: Washing The Sheets (Lust)

  1. I’ve been sitting here, tyring to think of a title for a short story about this. Bleached Desire? Loves Labors Washed? Lust is a Many-Laundered Thing? Good post.

  2. They were really ‘airing’ their dirty laundry… just sayin!

    Only you could have this scenario play out just in time for the carnival… thanks for sharing… and making me :0)

    • I know what you mean. I chuckled the whole time writing it, but it just didn’t seem to fit the mold of “That’s a great story…” Thanks for stopping by, glad I got to share!

    • It was so funny because I wrote it up and then sent a message to Bridget that I was ready for the carnival. Then I had to wait a week…. So. Much. Anticipation. LOL

  3. Alright, you caught me! Not really, but wow how embarassing! I read this while working out and I had to stop so I could burst out in laughter.

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