Student Review

So, Another student has reviewed my story. I wanted to showcase some of her reactions:

  1. What I like about the story? Nick is such a talented writer that I’d rather say: “I am speechless” and I’ll avoid any comparisons with my own story. Nick’s story touches a broad variety of topics including religion, life and death, beauty, crime, honesty, nature, and culture. This makes it interesting for the majority of the general public. The story deals with the very human experience of love, faith, hope, guilt, belief, grief, and happiness. The contrasts between misery and wealth, traditional and new, tragedy and happiness make the story strong. The narration goes smoothly from one setting to another with detailed descriptions of both the characters and the settings.  Involving different countries and languages reveals Nick’s appreciation of the cultural and industrial globalization. I like the happy end as the opposite would most likely make me cry and try to forget the story. Nick uses an expressive vocabulary that contributes to the breath-taking feature of the story.
  1. At the end of the story I concluded that Catherine will embrace her new life and will share it with Gerry. She didn’t hesitate at all to leave the place she had spent 30 years and follow Gerry. As she evidently enjoyed the dinner with Gerry and the wine, she took a glass of champagne on the plane that was something she had never tried before.  (Did you all come to this conclusion too?)
  2. The meaning of the story for me is that no matter how hard life can be, there is always faith, hope and love ahead. And the greatest of them is love. The purpose of the story is to convince us that even if we are in trouble, it will fade with time and that there is something great still to come. (What was the meaning of the story?)


For those who read the story, I’d love to hear how your reaction to the story either was similar or differed from the students?

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