A little something I’m working on.

For my next writing assignment is a personal narrative. I’m struggling to get it all out of my head, but here’s the opening paragraph.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as we arrive at the station please remain in your seats. We’ll disembark as soon as we can.” The bus driver said. The road was empty save for a random blast of headlights as we approached the bus depot. Red and blue lights were flashing in the distance. As the engine of the bus labored into its final turn the police and medical teams started into action. They were running along side the bus. We jerked to a stop with the rush of the air brakes. The door swung open and instantly we heard the commotion radios crackled, the hard-soled boots clomped down the aisles. “Everybody off the bus, quickly and in an orderly fashion” commanded the man. His forearm flexed as he gripped his gun and we knew he meant business. Gina, Harvey and I made our hurried escape.

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