Balance, It’s Delicate

The last few weeks have been difficult and stressful for me. Not because I dislike things, but because I like too much.

Even Balance Can be Slippery**

I like my job, in fact, I really love my job. But, it has been really busy. We’ve got a lot going on. I like being busy.

I like that I’m going back to school. I’m spending a lot of time doing homework and spending a lot of time in class.

I like my friends. This is one place where I could use a little more effort. Why? Because I no longer have the time I used to in order to connect with them. Everything feels rushed, or that I have time to spend with one instead of another. We all make choices.

I’ve got an incredibly packed schedule. I haven’t found the right balance yet in order to really enjoy my time. I’m not overwhelmed, but I’m certainly feeling the burden. I’ve had a lot of venting lately. I’ve certainly had some serious frustration. I’m working through it. I might take a little bit more on next term, but I’m pretty certain I can handle it.

To all those things in my life; my friends, my family, my personal and professional lives, You know I’m making my life better. You’re making my life better. We shall all be enriched in the long run. We just take on the difficult to know what we are capable of.

Thanks for reading/listening.

Fortunate indeed, is the man who takes exactly the right measure of himself, and holds a just balance between what he can acquire and what he can use.Peter Mere Latham*

*Quote provided by my favorite quote source –

**Photo by Annais, used under Creative Commons licensing

One response to “Balance, It’s Delicate”

  1. I know it is rough… but you are doing so well! Your grades are amazing and you’re still alive. hehe

    Hang in there and we are here as little or as much as you need us in your insane schedule!

    Big HUG!

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