…And the eyes have it? Photos and Vegas

I wrote a blog post about Flickr and I highlighted my friend’s Photography. That also got me to thinking about the photos I take. I really don’t concentrate on the composition, or the lighting, I really just try to capture them as my eyes see it. I think I sometimes “luck” into pretty awesome shots. In fact, my chosen piece of photography equipment is more often my camera phone. Which is the only thing I used while I was in Las Vegas. All 500 + pictures.

Why? Because I always have it with me and within seconds I can post it to the web. I used to be quite concerned with getting the shot “just right”. I said I didn’t ‘have the eye’ for photography. The more photos I snapped, they better they seem to get.

That’s what really is important when you’re talking about photos its really just sharing what you see in your world, from day to day. Sometimes, its the great shot of a building you see everyday, or a cloud as your speeding through your world. You just have to be present, pick up your camera of choice and snap your community. It only takes a second. It’s your vision you’re sharing.

Here are a couple of the pictures I took in Vegas.

If you want to see the entire trip in photos: Check out my Vegas Stream on Flickr. Just click this photo!

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