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  1. I’m a proud member of the Ruby Council. It’s sad, isn’t it, since Edgefield is such a convivial place to gather, but everything happened exactly as you wrote it.

    I sell online, and if I reacted that way to my customers, I’d get some very bad feedback (and feedback is one of the most important things I have online to establish and maintain integrity). I noticed Friday night that our lack of enthusiasm over their service didn’t seem to upset the servers or management much at all.

    I’m surprised their customer service isn’t hundreds of times better considering the current state of the economy. That being the case, we’re speaking not only with our legs and money by moving on to another establishment and taking our money to that other establishment.

  2. such a shame. I have been a big fan and supporter of McMeniman’s for years. It actually stings a little to here about this. There is no excuse. In the words of Charles Barkley:

    “Man that’s turble. T-R-B-L…turble!)

  3. As part of the “Ruby Council” I’m happy to hear that David has responded to you Nick. I have always enjoyed McMenamins and hope this was just an “off” night for them.

  4. I “hate” that kind of service. That kind of manager has been at it too long, and needs an extended “break”.

    I also hate “emphasis” via quotation marks.

  5. Did the manager offer to comp some portion of your meals or give you some enticement to return? Just his word that he would follow up seems a bit hollow.

    • The Manager On Duty did comp the dinner that was never right. As for the rest of us, no, none of our meals were addressed. So we’ll see what the District Manager does.

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