…and it was such a good day…

I went out with a friend of mine for dinner tonight. We chatted about our respective days, I had a bunch of meetings, his was full of school and an interview. All was going so well, until I made my way home. There, on the side of McLoughlin Blvd, was a man, laying on the side, with a couple of people around him. I pulled to the side, turned on my hazards and walked up. “Is he alright?” I asked. “He’s in pretty bad shape” Said the man nearest him. I asked if 911 had been called. It had, and we were just waiting. Then, a man who claimed to be an EMT stopped and offered his assistance. As he was attending to the guy, who at this point had been pretty motionless, jumped to his feet and said “Don’t touch me” and tried to run out into the street. All the cars had stopped or moved out of the way and quite the scene was beginning to form. As he ran back to the side of the road traffic started to move again, much slower, He bolted again out into the road. This time a car had stopped in the lane, but he kept running at it – Hitting the hood of the immobile car.

As he rolled to the ground, everyone just stopped. He was laying in the middle of the street, his blood which had been flowing from his side and slit wrists was smeared on the hood of the car. It was not a sight I wanted to see.

Then the EMT/Fire/Police arrived in droves. The street was shut down and he was taken off by emergency services. I offered my name and phone number to the driver of the car as he was in no way at fault for the situation.

What makes a person hurt so much inside which they way to choose to try to end their life is by running out into traffic. I can only imagine. What a night. You can see a couple of pictures of the “accident” scene here:

2 responses to “…and it was such a good day…”

  1. You ask a good question, I can’t imagine the pain he is in internally, aside from the physical pain from the damage he did to himself. Hopefully he gets the mental health support he needs to fully recover.

  2. Nick,

    First and foremost I am moved by your kindness. You went out of your way to pull over and help someone you didn’t know, as did the others who’d stopped and called 9-11.

    Thank you for your kindness. I’m sure that when he’s in a better frame of mind, this gentleman will also be grateful.

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