Happy Birthday Bridget…

First, Let me get the pleasantries out of the way:


Some of you may know my Friend Bridget from Twitter: (@BridgetChumbley) or from her Fantastic Blog: “One Word At A Time” (www.bridgetchumbley.com) But I’ve gotten to know (and love) Bridget in many ways outside of Twitter. Of course, I met Bridget, because she puts up with my friend Dale Chumbley (I know, who has the strength to deal with this guy? ) She does, and she does it with grace and humor, which is just about the best way, I think.

While her many roles in life: Wife, Mother, Author, Real Estate Assistant, Taxi Driver, Follower, and Teacher all take so much time, energy and effort, there’s one that comes pretty effortlessly with her and one of my favorites; Friend. Bridget has become one of my dearest friends over the short year I’ve grown to know her and just the quick passing of messages on Twitter, or random pie ups are fantastic, we pass very often like ships in the night. So I wanted to do something a little special for her for her birthday. Though I am fairly certain by doing this, she’ll think I hate her.

Happy 29th Birthday Bridget, I hope it’s special.

bagofbeanies (The Above Photo Courtesy of Aunt Owwee used under Creative Commons Licensing)

Friends! A random night at Pie with Dale & Bridget.

Wizard Of Oz Slots Bridget and I share a certain passion. This slot, suggested by her in Vegas, was only kind to me once. I was disappointed. 😦
No Pictures, please Bridget hates pictures, just as much as I think she hates me right now. 🙂

….And this one, I think this picture is super fantastic. Look at the joy, she’s actually smiling.


If you’re on twitter – Please wish her a Happy Birthday, She surely deserves it. As a fellow Leo, I know she’ll secretly love it. 🙂

And… Here’s a little birthday song, Just for you – Play it all day long. You deserve it.

3 responses to “Happy Birthday Bridget…”

  1. you may be the nicest person ever. i have never seen a blog post dedicated to someone’s b-day. i’ll be you made Bridget feel pretty friggin awesome! the world needs more friends like you buddy

  2. Oh My… lanta! You are the best, Schnikerdoodle. Thanks so much for honoring me with this great post. The video is priceless… just like you.

    Don’t forget you have a wonderful 21st birthday coming up in a few days… just sayin.

    Luv ya, pumpkin.

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