Rock Out/Work Out (Music Edition)

I’ve been working out for about a month now. Yes, I’ve noticed some nice little results. I work out for about 45 minutes of cardio each time and I push progressively harder. It’s a little tough but when I dig into my music collection to power through, it always helps. I wanted to share my top ten music to work out to. These songs are always in my music library and when one of them comes on it helps me to push through the fatigue and get ever closer to my goal. If you’ve heard these songs, great. If not, take a listen, you may like them.

(In No Particular Order)

1: I Like It: Enrique Iglesias

2: t.A.T.u. – Lyudi-Invalidy (in Russian)

3: Rhianna (Run This Town Tonight)

4: B52’s (FunPlex)

5: Owl City (Panda Bear)

6: Jason Mraz (Curbside Prophet)

7: Justin Beiber (Somebody to Love)

8: Ke$ha (Your Love is my Drug)

9: Goldfrapp (Train)

10: Lady Gaga (Fame)

Hope they made your day a little better. Enjoy!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Why Lady Gaga is last??? Lady Gaga tops wherever she is listed. But I like Enrique too

    1. schnikism says:

      It wasn’t in any particular order. I’m just as much a Lady Gaga Fan as anyone. I think she’s fantastic. It was just the way I posted them. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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