I haven’t killed yet…

I hesitated to actually write this post.

Writing this post would mean that I would have to admit that for the last 6 months I’ve been secretly smoking.

But, A week ago, I quit again. A couple of my friends have mentioned that they’ve quit so it only seemed right that I mention it too.

So, it’s been eight days. I haven’t killed anyone yet – but – I have been in a pretty funk-tastic mood the last couple of days. It will pass. I know it will, I remember from the last time I quit. It’s hard work and it’s going to suck as my throat, mind, lungs, et. al. are healing, yet again.

I’ve been through this before. I just have to keep focusing on the positive.
If I’ve been a little terse lately, I apologize, It’s not intentional and I’m trying to remember that I’m going all wacky inside in order to keep it in check.

To those out there which are currently trying to quit. Keep it up. It’s not a bad idea, once you can curb that feeling to wrap your hands around that person’s throat at work who is driving you crazy with their insane clicking of their pen. 🙂

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