@TalkToQwest – I’m a satisfied customer!

Qwest has taken quite a black eye before in my area about their customer service. But I moved recently and thought I would give Qwest another try. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m a big fan of social media and of those brands which don’t restrict themselves to just the “corporate line”. To be engaging in any media, you have to be able to talk to your customers and they have to be willing to talk back.

I’ve had a couple of great experiences with Qwest via their Twitter account. Which happens to be one of the best things ever. When my DSL got installed I thought it was generally sluggish and I can say, I was pretty disappointed. So I contacted Qwest via Twitter. They did some preliminary tests and had me check out a few things, found out we couldn’t fix it that way and I had a tech on my phone in a matter of minutes. It couldn’t be fixed that way, so they had to send a field technician out my way to determine the root of the problem. The next day they had it fixed and I was on my way, surfin the interwebs and talking to you.

Another instance was recently when I came home from work one evening and my DSL was out, not working, kaput. I was a little saddened, but since it worked before – I reached out to Qwest again on Twitter, via my phone. They did some testing, called me, had my run though resetting the modem and my router and to no avail. Since this was Saturday morning, they indicated they couldn’t come out until Sunday, so I went out shopping. While I was out and about, they had a tech that was in my neighborhood and stopped by to see if he could check it out. In less than an hour from my original service call!

Now that’s service – well worth it. Qwest engages their customers where they are and they respond. …And I’m one satisfied customer.

What is your company doing to respond to it’s customers?

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  1. Number 1: kudos to Qwest for their handling of the situation

    Number 2: kudos to you for using SoMe /blogging to not only point out corporate shortcomings, but achievements as well. i think more “big” entities would engage on SoMe more if it wasn’t always complaints. posts like this serve to further the medium

    number 3: you have been on fire lately w/ the posts, keep up the good work!

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