As some of you may know. Especially if you’re one of the few that actually read my blog or Twitter or Facebook on a regular basis. I’ve got a pretty full life, Work, School, Gym, Friends. All take time. Lately, more than a few friends of mine have referred to me as providing them inspiration to do something. Whether it’s exercising, blogging, reaching out to friends, or just something simple as picking up a book they’ve been meaning to read.

I find this very flattering. I’ve never considered myself as someone who could be inspiring, encouraging: sure – A cheerleader? Always. But Inspirational? Never. So that got me to thinking. Where do I find my inspiration to keep going? I don’t know, I guess in the smallest of places. I don’t think of it as inspiration – I just do what I do. Tenacity if you will.

Some of my favorite sources:

Music, certainly, without hesitation. All it takes is a couple good songs and I’m back in the groove. One of my “Go to songs”? Katrina & The Waves – Walking on Sunshine.

Quotes: I live for learning. I get a list of daily quotes emailed to me, usually on whatever the author’s whimsy takes him. But I really enjoy it, and if I find one that is especially motivating, funny or poignant, I share it with my peeps. Check out my favorite source: – It’s the largest database I’ve ever found.

Little things that you would never think about, though they all recharge your batteries just a little bit. Sometimes that’s all you need to push those extra 10 steps. Just keep on keepin on. If I motivate or inspire you. Thanks. I don’t know how to formulate the words as to how that makes me feel.

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