Be Prepared – Be Informed

I like being organized but in a disaster do you know what you would do? September is National Preparedness Month. There are a couple of ways you can celebrate or plan. No Chicken Little, the sky isn’t falling but would you know where your umbrella was if it did?

Most of these exercises have been on Twitter. So if you’re on Twitter, you can play along.

1: Check out your local office of emergency management.

Portland is: on Twitter: @PortlandOEM or @PublicAlerts


2: Know about Blood Services in your area, they could always use a donation.

In Portland: Or @Redcrosspdx

Vancouver: @SwBlood

On Twitter there have been a couple of contests and ways to prepare. Well at least to know how prepared/unprepared you are.

Red Cross: Just One Thing: #just1thing – For the whole month of September, try and think of the one thing you’re going to do to make sure you or your family stay safe in an emergency and tweet it out with the hashtag. It could surprise you how much you’re motivated when you think about it. Got Water?

Clark County Regional Services Agency: 30 days/30 ways. #30days30ways – This one has been one of my favorites. It has provided a step by step game which allows you to see where the holes or strengths are in your plans. It’s never too late to get started. There are some cool prizes at the end. Catch me if you can:

Finally: If you live in Clark County, Washington. Check out The Emergency Services Agency Open House this weekend. For more information click here or the link below.

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