Good Customer Service: Milwaukie Cleaners

I take my work shirts to the dry cleaners, for two reasons: 1: I really dislike doing laundry. 2: I really dislike ironing. I moved to Milwaukie over a year ago and didn’t want to move cleaners, even though it was relatively inconvenient. I knew the place did a good job and I wanted to make sure that my clothes were taken care of and presentable when I put them on.

One day, while in a hurry, I decided that I would try this cleaner just down the street, I have to pass by it every day on my way to work, so I just thought It would be perfect. I was shocked at the service I received. The owner, who is there all day, every day, remembered my name after the first visit. The prices are reasonable. I accidently tore the hem of one of my dress pants, so I took it in to be repaired. What I had neglected to recall was this particular pair of pants had a small hole in the seam near the knee. Not only did they repair the hem, but when I got the pants back, they had repaired the seam, free of charge. That’s pretty awesome in my book. So if you’re somewhere near Milwaukie and need a cleaner. Give them a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly rewarded.

I wanted to share an additional story which happened since I wrote this. The other day I had run home after the gym when I realized that I hadn’t picked up my dry cleaning. So I ran out of the house and got there before they closed. What I had forgotten? My wallet. I mentioned that I had forgotten my wallet and the owner said “You can pay for it next time.” That’s service. That’s why I keep coming back.

6 responses to “Good Customer Service: Milwaukie Cleaners”

    • No kidding. Always refreshing to have service that is personalized and respects their customers. He didn’t have to let me pay next time. I would have run home and got my cash. That was very kind.

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