It does get better

With the post yesterday, I really didn’t want to build a post that was serious to go back to back with it, but I’ve been really affected by the latest news reports regarding bullying and suicides of Gay Teens. Typically, October is generally proclaimed to be National Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered History Month which also includes National Coming out day on October 11th.

I wanted to share a video Ellen did regarding some of her feelings:

This year, I’m a little concerned, there are more people being pressured to be something they are not. There are more people who are committing suicide instead of reaching out to someone who can help. I’ve been down this road. I came out at the age of 15. That’s when I decided that others should know that I am who I am and nothing should change. You’d think it would have been nothing, but I dealt with my share of bigotry and Idiocy. But that time has passed. I’m not in my teens anymore. Which is why the “It Get’s Better Project” strikes such a chord with me. Check out one of the messages:

If you’ve watched and read this far. Just remember, It gets better. There are those out there willing to talk to you, willing to help you out.

I”m one of those people. You can also find help from The Trevor Project

There are many other resources out there. Maybe you just need someone to talk to. Just reach out. It does get better. I’m living proof.If ya need an angel, just reach out.

4 responses to “It does get better”

  1. Your post really touched me Nick. I have many, many friends whose children have committed suicide. I remember growing up and hearing a counselor say in class once “Just wait until tomorrow”, because tomorrow is always better, different, another view of your world.

    No matter what your sexual preference, culture, race, etc. many of us struggle with just being ourselves, being liked or loved by those around us. I know about being cast-away by family members when you are just trying to be yourself. It is extremely painful.

    I can’t imagine bigotry, racial or sexual discrimination in the mix. That must be pain beyond belief, but even with my small vision and in my small world, I know it does get better.

    Anderson Cooper has a special on in the next day or so about bullying and I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it.

    You should be proud of yourself Nick for not being afraid to show the world how wonderful you truly are.

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