2 comments on “Vooooooooooooooooote…..

  1. “He looks presidential.”
    “I vote my party.”
    “His name sounded nice.”

    I have heard these reasons and worse for votes. I am not a fan of “Get Out And Vote” drives. Why talk or guilt someone into voting who won’t look beyond the party and the ads? I want people who will take the time to do at least a sliver of research to form an opinion. I vote on the issues I understand and have an opinion on. Otherwise I am just flipping a coin hoping I get lucky.

    How often on “Jaywalking” or Man on the Street interview can people not name the Vice President. I am in no rush to convince them to vote.

    • I am.

      For no other reason than – It’s what separates us from many countries in the world. Educated or Uneducated, Rich or Poor, Right or left, Masters degree or school of hard knocks, it’s your right as a citizen.

      My hope is that someone will take the time to dig a little deeper, but if you don’t, you still get a say. Even if your reason is only the color of their shirt.

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