What’s that you’re saying?

As you’ve all been keenly aware, I’m taking a Public Speaking course this term. Part of the assignments include a recorded video of each speech so we can analyze it and learn from it.

Here it is.

Watching it, I just cringe. I’m not a fan of my voice when recorded or seeing myself on Video. I guess that’s something that I’ll just have to get over for this class.

All in all, enjoy the story of how my best friend and I became friends. It’s a great story.


5 responses to “What’s that you’re saying?

  1. Very nice Nick. Great story!

  2. Not Ridiculous Nicholas but Triumphant Nick – congrats!!

  3. Nicely done. I’m surprised you never told me that story before.

  4. What a GREAT story Nick! Ya done good.

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