Recap: Sarah & Wendy

I can’t believe I haven’t written my post about this.

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that my friends @SarahMSalter and @WeightWhat (Wait? What?) were coming to town. I can’t believe I haven’t recapped that for Y’all (That’s for you Sarah).

First. It was a blast. I haven’t laughed that hard or that genuinely for a while now. It was good to have some hard-rolling-belly-laughing. Except, when they had to leave.

Sarah actually got to try Whiffies Fried Pies! (And Koifusion tacos!)

As you can imagine, I took some pictures while they were here. Much to their dismay.
Me and Sarah

I also remember Sarah mentioning they would take and hide my camera. When I told her I had a couple of them, I think she gave up.

More Sarah

Sarah had gotten a pedicure, just for us, so I couldn’t resist; although feet are icky!

Sarahs Foot

Wendy wouldn’t let me take her picture. I was certain she was going to break my nose, so I behaved. I did have to get proof that she was here. So here it is.


Nothing provided more laughter than the following video, so I can’t help but end this post with it. I hope it provides some laughter for you. I know it did for us.

2 responses to “Recap: Sarah & Wendy”

  1. It was lovely getting to spend time with you! Getting to see you turn purple from laughing was just an added bonus. ;o) You should really consider doing a video of you being Big Baby and freak everyone out. You got some mad skillz there!

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