Recap: Sarah & Wendy

I can’t believe I haven’t written my post about this.

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that my friends @SarahMSalter and @WeightWhat (Wait? What?) were coming to town. I can’t believe I haven’t recapped that for Y’all (That’s for you Sarah).

First. It was a blast. I haven’t laughed that hard or that genuinely for a while now. It was good to have some hard-rolling-belly-laughing. Except, when they had to leave.

Sarah actually got to try Whiffies Fried Pies! (And Koifusion tacos!)

As you can imagine, I took some pictures while they were here. Much to their dismay.
Me and Sarah

I also remember Sarah mentioning they would take and hide my camera. When I told her I had a couple of them, I think she gave up.

More Sarah

Sarah had gotten a pedicure, just for us, so I couldn’t resist; although feet are icky!

Sarahs Foot

Wendy wouldn’t let me take her picture. I was certain she was going to break my nose, so I behaved. I did have to get proof that she was here. So here it is.


Nothing provided more laughter than the following video, so I can’t help but end this post with it. I hope it provides some laughter for you. I know it did for us.


2 responses to “Recap: Sarah & Wendy

  1. It was lovely getting to spend time with you! Getting to see you turn purple from laughing was just an added bonus. ;o) You should really consider doing a video of you being Big Baby and freak everyone out. You got some mad skillz there!

  2. That video and the laughter that followed was just one of the many fun moments! Thanks for the recap! 🙂

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