5 comments on “Dan Savage: You Do Not Speak For Me

  1. Nick – I adore you because of stuff like this – I am proud of you and thankful I can call you my friend. People in general are good – the few that are idiots make us realize how wonderful the others are. I have not followed much of this particular instance but have had friends of all races, sexual orientation and religions discriminated against it makes me sick – not sure why people feel the need to judge each other, or simply show their ignorance. We are all here to create a harmonious world – thanks for getting your soap box out.

  2. That was quite the read! I think it fits well with the condemnation posts I finally caught up on at the blog carnival. I learned much from them, but this really hit hard.

    I read the article in Time about the suicides earlier today and it broke my heart…

    I felt angry after reading Dan’s response, but your thoughts really got me thinking. I’m so grateful to have you in my life!

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