Commentary: Stop Being Cool

This is my 100th post. It just seems fitting that I have another Soapbox Moment…

I was in a meeting this morning where I was suddenly overcome with a moment of rage. Everyone gathered ’round kept saying, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we did…., Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could make this happen?” I replied, finally.

“at what point do we stop being cool long enough for us to do what we’re good at?”

So I pose this to you, dear readers, because I see this every day, not only in my industry, but also in a lot of other industries:

Are you focused too much on being Innovative or Trendsetting that you’re losing site of what your core competency is? It’s never about how much you can accomplish in this life, it should always be about doing something well.

TADAO ANDO langen foundation (Used Under Creative Commons Licensing: By Hector Guerra)

Here’s my thought for the day: “Let’s stop being ‘cool’ and start being ‘solid’”

RAZ rocks! (Used under Creative Commons Licensing. By: StoryMary)

Let’s start by doing that “one thing” that we’re responsible for. Then, let’s start doing that “one thing” well. Let’s be solid when we’re called upon. Let’s innovate our core. Let’s be smart when it’s called for. Let’s be reliable. Let’s be honest and forthcoming. First. Then we can focus on the glittery stuff.

Thank you for listening.

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