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As you know, I’ve been sick for the better part of the last 5 days. Since television at its best, really sucks and now is full of “Christmas” cheer… I’ve had the ability to watch a couple of movies. Ugh. Netflix on-demand has been great, though, I’ve chosen horribly. Here’s some movies you should avoid and I didn’t.

Death of a President
From Netflix: This provocative mockumentary imagines the assassination of President George W. Bush and the fallout that follows, including the media’s reaction, the rush to convict an assassin and the machinations of President Cheney

While I thought this would be an interesting movie. It was so detached and the lack of even remotely convincing acting made me turn it off mid-movie. They should be ashamed of themselves. Here’s the trailer…

Fame 2009
From Netflix: When a group of ambitious teenage dancers, musicians and actors enter a new semester at New York’s prestigious High School of Performing Arts, they try to make the most out of their chance at stardom in this remake of the Oscar-winning 1980 drama.

I actually had some high hopes for this movie. I’d been told it was a decent remake of the original, though, I haven’t seen the original, so I thought I would check this one out. The acting was pretty mediocre, but it did carry some pretty big names. A cute watch, if your home sick with pneumonia. 🙂

And winner of the OH. My. GOD. What. THE. Hell. Award…..

From Netflix: When virtuous high school student Dawn (Jess Weixler) becomes the victim of a sexual assault, she discovers that she has an unexpected line of defense: a toothed vagina. But coming to terms with the novelty of her anatomical anomaly might be easier said than done.

This movie came recommended by a friend of mine. It’s the most horrific thing I’ve seen in recent memory. Check out the trailer.

All these movies are available on NetFlix Instant, if you wish to subject yourself to the horrors…..


Black Friday…

Against all the best advice given to me, and explicit doctor’s orders. I went out for Black Friday. While shopping is the one thing I do best. I really enjoy the whole Black Friday Season.

First, If you haven’t seen them, I encourage you to check out the Target Two-Day Sale commercials. They have been the best of the year. Here’s one of my favorites!

Furthermore, Like I said, I like the shopping. Here’s what I hauled out of the store.

Black Friday Shopping

To Walmart, you barely got my money this year. You’d think, that someone would devise a way to organize the line wrapping through the store, instead you have 40 employees sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for the 2:00am bracelet call. You just need one employee directing checkout traffic. I easily saw 30 people abandon their purchases while waiting in line. Think about that.

To Kohls, You didn’t get my money this year. For the same reason aforementioned to Walmart. You had 6 registers open, yet no orderly fashion to the line, other than it wrapped around the whole store. I just didn’t see deals which made me want to wait for an hour to check out. Get that sorted, you’ll get me back in there.

Fred Meyer, You win the “Stupid Idiot, which created a stampede” award. First, your security told us to line up at one door, so you could create an orderly entrance. Then, because you “didn’t expect this many people” (About two hundred) you then opened all the doors, allowing people who walked up to the door at 5 am, to surpass people who had been waiting for an hour. That’s just stupid. For the record, “We’re going to enter safely and securely,” meanwhile you create ill-will and slight your consumers who have been in line, is really a true recipe for trampled people.

All in all, I got all I wanted.

The Aftermath

Let’s avoid the stupidity next year, can we? Let’s get organized, if you need assistance, I’m available.

Emergency (Just Breathe)

For the last few weeks I’ve felt a little run-down, a little tired. I just thought it was because I was being over-active, but this was the time of the year for that. I thought nothing of it.

Until Wednesday. I was at the gym, trying to run, and couldn’t catch my breath. So, I walked a couple of miles, then went to work, thinking it was a little strange that I couldn’t get a hold of my breathing. I called the advice nurse to inquire if this was serious enough that I should go to Urgent Care, I was in luck! My doctor’s office had an opening and that I should come in right away.

Me in hospital gown

They poked at me, took blood, and X-rays… Then I heard words that caused me to pause. Referring to my chest x-ray, my doctor said. “Normally, this area (where my lungs are) should be black” Instead, they were cloudy.

Walking Pneumonia. That was the diagnosis. Great. Bed rest for the last 3 days, antibiotics, and codeine. Lot’s of napping and feeling like an old man because I can’t walk twenty feet without getting winded and dizzy. I hope this doesn’t last long.

I’m off to go take a nap.


“True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island … to find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.” – Baltasar Gracian

Yesterday, I got an interesting call from a good friend of mine. Well, was a good friend of mine. It seems that they can no longer be my friend because they feel their affection towards me only causes them pain. I get that. I can even accept that.

Desert Leader
Creative Commons Use: Thank you to Hamed Saber on Flickr

What I don’t get, is that I don’t believe I’ve ever misled anyone, including this person, about my feelings. I’ve been honest, open and caring – as friends should be.

    In the end, I’m down a friend in my life, which sucks.

What it did force me to do, though, was to take stock in my life.
I value friendship above all else in my life and I value all those who have reached out to me.

This Thanksgiving, I hope I’m still able to call all of you my friend, that all of you feel like you can reach out to me and that I can rely on you.

Used Under Creative Commons: Thank you to Shanissinha on Flickr

Friendship is far more tragic than love. It lasts longer. – Oscar Wilde

Trans Siberian Orchestra

First, Let me just share this with you:

This was the opening song. Which set the tone for the entire rest of the night. 3 hours of Amazing Lights, Sound and song. I’ve been a little stressed lately and this really was a night to let go and listen to some rock opera Christmas music. If you’ve never seen them, I implore you to try to see them at your next opportunity. Here are some pictures I took while at the show. If you want to see the whole set – You can click here.

As the title of a Madonna Album once stated: I’m Breathless, and I was.

Trans Siberian Orchestra 11/15/2010

Trans Siberian Orchestra 11/15/2010

Trans Siberian Orchestra 11/15/2010

Commentary: Can you find me a house?

The views reflected here are my own and do not represent the organization I work for. That being said, this post is Real Estate related; therefore, if you don’t care about real estate, you can skip right by.

Recently there was a big Whoop-Ti-Do about a new blog that was being created. This blog is being written by some pretty great people in the Real Estate Industry, some heavy hitters. This blog will focus on agents who are Mac compatible.

What I find in the industry—and someone please correct me if I am wrong—is that as a consumer, I don’t care what kind of computer you’re using, I just care that you can find me a house. Your showing me a house on your iPhone/iPad is not going to make a greater difference to me than you emailing me a print out.

As a trainer in the industry, I find that a great deal of agents are still struggling to figure out email, yet there is a push in this industry to have the “Latest, Shiniest, Greatest” thing.  I guess if you’re an agent who has all that figured out, then great. This makes you a technology star in this industry. The question really boils down to: What are your clients looking for?

I’m a Gen-X’er who owns two computers (a desktop and a laptop), who teaches real estate technology and basic computer skills, who carries two separate phones, neither of which is an iPhone. Who thinks it would be great if people could use spell check.

As a consumer, what do I care what type of computer/technology you’re using? The real question is: Can you find me a house?

All the technology in the world isn’t going to make your consumers feel better. If it makes your life better, that’s great. I’m all for it. If it doesn’t help you understand inspections, contracts, or basic people skills, you’re going to sink in this industry and sink fast.

It seems to me, the only people who care about what type of technology an agent is using is the agent themselves. A cooperating agent doesn’t seem to care, a broker doesn’t seem to care and your clients probably don’t care. This all boils back down to the “Real Estate” image. Does driving that BMW make you seem more successful? Wearing that Armani Blazer? All the gold jewelery? Carrying the iPad. None of these things actually make you more successful, it’s hard work that makes you more successful.

Just my opinion.

Speech: Prepare for running

Well, Here it is, another speech. This one is a demonstrative speech. The video is probably worth watching only because I’m actually doing something other than just standing there. If you’d like to read it, I’ve included the speech here in PDF. How to prepare for running – Below, here is the speech.