Emergency (Just Breathe)

For the last few weeks I’ve felt a little run-down, a little tired. I just thought it was because I was being over-active, but this was the time of the year for that. I thought nothing of it.

Until Wednesday. I was at the gym, trying to run, and couldn’t catch my breath. So, I walked a couple of miles, then went to work, thinking it was a little strange that I couldn’t get a hold of my breathing. I called the advice nurse to inquire if this was serious enough that I should go to Urgent Care, I was in luck! My doctor’s office had an opening and that I should come in right away.

Me in hospital gown

They poked at me, took blood, and X-rays… Then I heard words that caused me to pause. Referring to my chest x-ray, my doctor said. “Normally, this area (where my lungs are) should be black” Instead, they were cloudy.

Walking Pneumonia. That was the diagnosis. Great. Bed rest for the last 3 days, antibiotics, and codeine. Lot’s of napping and feeling like an old man because I can’t walk twenty feet without getting winded and dizzy. I hope this doesn’t last long.

I’m off to go take a nap.

13 responses to “Emergency (Just Breathe)”

  1. Definition of “Trying” = Visiting Walmart after midnight for their “doorbuster specials” and Fred Meyers for their deals on pillows! Get your butt in bed, Mister Schnik before you end up revisiting the doc! #harassmentforthosewelove #andthosewhodonotlisten

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