Emergency (Just Breathe)

For the last few weeks I’ve felt a little run-down, a little tired. I just thought it was because I was being over-active, but this was the time of the year for that. I thought nothing of it.

Until Wednesday. I was at the gym, trying to run, and couldn’t catch my breath. So, I walked a couple of miles, then went to work, thinking it was a little strange that I couldn’t get a hold of my breathing. I called the advice nurse to inquire if this was serious enough that I should go to Urgent Care, I was in luck! My doctor’s office had an opening and that I should come in right away.

Me in hospital gown

They poked at me, took blood, and X-rays… Then I heard words that caused me to pause. Referring to my chest x-ray, my doctor said. “Normally, this area (where my lungs are) should be black” Instead, they were cloudy.

Walking Pneumonia. That was the diagnosis. Great. Bed rest for the last 3 days, antibiotics, and codeine. Lot’s of napping and feeling like an old man because I can’t walk twenty feet without getting winded and dizzy. I hope this doesn’t last long.

I’m off to go take a nap.


13 responses to “Emergency (Just Breathe)

  1. if you would listen to the medical advice you might be back among the running faster

  2. Git in the bed Mr and get well very soon!

  3. Take it seriously and do what the doctor says! So there….

  4. Definition of “Trying” = Visiting Walmart after midnight for their “doorbuster specials” and Fred Meyers for their deals on pillows! Get your butt in bed, Mister Schnik before you end up revisiting the doc! #harassmentforthosewelove #andthosewhodonotlisten

  5. Nick please please stay home and rest. No more Walmart runs ok?

  6. wait… they poked you?
    Get well soon my friend

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