Black Friday…

Against all the best advice given to me, and explicit doctor’s orders. I went out for Black Friday. While shopping is the one thing I do best. I really enjoy the whole Black Friday Season.

First, If you haven’t seen them, I encourage you to check out the Target Two-Day Sale commercials. They have been the best of the year. Here’s one of my favorites!

Furthermore, Like I said, I like the shopping. Here’s what I hauled out of the store.

Black Friday Shopping

To Walmart, you barely got my money this year. You’d think, that someone would devise a way to organize the line wrapping through the store, instead you have 40 employees sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for the 2:00am bracelet call. You just need one employee directing checkout traffic. I easily saw 30 people abandon their purchases while waiting in line. Think about that.

To Kohls, You didn’t get my money this year. For the same reason aforementioned to Walmart. You had 6 registers open, yet no orderly fashion to the line, other than it wrapped around the whole store. I just didn’t see deals which made me want to wait for an hour to check out. Get that sorted, you’ll get me back in there.

Fred Meyer, You win the “Stupid Idiot, which created a stampede” award. First, your security told us to line up at one door, so you could create an orderly entrance. Then, because you “didn’t expect this many people” (About two hundred) you then opened all the doors, allowing people who walked up to the door at 5 am, to surpass people who had been waiting for an hour. That’s just stupid. For the record, “We’re going to enter safely and securely,” meanwhile you create ill-will and slight your consumers who have been in line, is really a true recipe for trampled people.

All in all, I got all I wanted.

The Aftermath

Let’s avoid the stupidity next year, can we? Let’s get organized, if you need assistance, I’m available.

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