Overwhelmed and Tethered.

Wow. What the span of two weeks does to your perception of everything.

Sometimes you’re overwhelmed when a thing comes, and you do not realize the magnitude of the affair at that moment. When you get away from it, you wonder, did it really happen to you? – Marian Anderson

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been frustrated. I started having to work a little harder when I ran. I was slowing down a little bit. I just couldn’t seem to catch my breath (literally or figuratively). So I finally went into the Doctor and said “What’s UP?”

They did a test or two, an Xray and viola: Walking Pneumonia. Easy to treat. (That was the day before Thanksgiving.)

They prescribed me antibiotics and bed rest for a couple days. The hard part of walking pneumonia is that you usually have it for weeks or even months as it takes over your lungs and inflames your bronchial tubes. You feel sort of icky, but you chalk it up to a cold.

After 6 days of medicine, I didn’t seem to be getting better. I was still weak, tired, sleepy and achy. But still no fever. So back to the doctor I went. As I got to the doctor’s I realized. I wasn’t able to breathe….


They consider this to be quite an issue, so immediately, on to oxygen I went. And on Oxygen I remain, 8 days later.

My lungs were not responding to the antibiotics and the inhalers. As it seems, this was serious to them. Serious enough that I was transported, via ambulance, to the hospital. First Ambulance Ride. Lucky me. Sadly, it was sans lights, bells, and whistles. 😦

in the ER

And there you have it. In the ER. This is one of the times, I’m glad I took my mom’s advice and remembered to shower and get dressed before the doctor (Always wear clean underwear) as I was in short order. Removed of my over clothes and suddenly sitting there in my skivvies. With Doctors and Nurses and EMT’s in the room. Good thing I’d already lost some weight.

After more tests, hours of observation, and more head scratching, they decided to do a procedure called a bronchial scope. I’ll let you read about it. It was very unpleasant. Just think, in through the nose, down into the chest, then scrape.

Glow finger

Then, they checked me into the hospital, I’d been admitted and that’s where I remained for 6 full days. I’m not out of the woods, but I am out of the weeds. I’ll take some time to heal and get back to myself. But I don’t know how to slow my roll, and I have to. What an adjustment.

I received such an outpouring of love and light while I was in the hospital. It was a little overwhelming, but I don’t want anyone to think it was unappreciated. The amount of well wishes and encouragement helped me truly keep my sense of humor. Which is the only thing I had control over.

Thank you to the Bledsoes: Tim & Cheryl for this care package
My Care Package

And to my wonderful friends Kari, Terrance & Sophia for this beautiful arrangement.

And to Nancy for this lovely one.

Also, so many visitors. To Cory & Mary Rarick, who definitely win the hospital stamina award for coming to visit me just as much as my mom, for the real coffee, patty melt, french fries and the potato chips. Just what you need to get back on the mend quickly. The visits were absolutely fantastic and allowed me to escape from my plastic bubble for a little while.

In the end. There’s a long road to grow from this. I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’ve lost a month in the gym. I don’t have a lot of control here. I just have to work with my body and be thankful for western medicine, and time.

While I’ve been moved to tears so many times this week with all the love and attention, I do not suggest that you use an opportunity like this to understand how loved you really are. This happened to me, during Thanksgiving, where I was already counting my blessings and myself amongst friends. I have many people who love me and I really hope that I can return the favor and show everyone how much I care.

I’m still overwhelmed and honored to have all of you as my friends. My lungs may be a little rickety at present, but my heart is full.

Bee Well

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