“You can’t be alone on Christmas”

I heard this many times in the last week. I didn’t have any plans for Christmas. My family is close and we planned to have Christmas on New Years Day. So I didn’t have any plans for Christmas.

christmas tree 2004 (Used under creative commons licensing. Photo Credit: Scottfeldstein)

As I woke up on Christmas day. Not having any plans, I decided to go to church. I never go to church. The last time I stepped foot in a church, not counting Weddings, Funerals or a Christmas Pageant, was far too long to recall. I fired up the googles and found a church in the area. My friend who called me to see what I was doing, decided to go with me.

Having not gone to church in a while, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Though, I didn’t expect it to be so empty, nor did I expect to be the youngest person in the room by about two decades.

It did feel weird being the only person in the entire room who didn’t take communion. That garnered a little more that a couple weird looks.

There were a couple of things I took away from being at this particular church. We all seek to be a part of something greater. We all seek to understand and you’re not alone, ever. Especially not at Christmas.

Crowd (Used under creative commons. Photo By: James Cridland)

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