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I don’t know…

I work in an industry where most people work on their own, yet inside a team, a group, or an office. The statement I never hear is “I don’t know.”

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At least, I don’t hear it enough. As someone who teaches people how to utilize a system that will make their life easier and as someone who knows that education and learning is something you should never stop doing I often find myself wondering, why are people afraid to ask for help when they don’t know something?

We all do it. We all try to manage or find some way to cheat the system or cope in our own ways without asking those who have the knowledge or experience to assist us.
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The people I see every day try to hone into an image, be it someone who is super technical, over personable or even just a hard-worker. I know these people are everything they claim to be, everything they want themselves to be and all it takes for them to be just a little bit better is to have the ability to ask for help, when you need help.

Do you ask for help? Do you recognize when you need assistance? Do you feel, should you need it, that you can reach out to those who can help?

Any of the above statements are hard to answer on your own. Only you can answer them.
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Learning is something that you should never stop doing. Self-actualization is something you should always be aware of.
There are many resources out there, locate them, and use them.



This really doesn’t have much of an answer, but I really need to find a place to just ramble on with my thoughts. This may or may not make a whole lot of sense – I apologize in advance.

What do you do with disappointment. When someone has really let you down. When you really cherish someone and you hold them in high regard but they do, what they have to, what they need to, what just happens at the moment and you’re opinion of them, while not shattered, is tarnished? You may still think the world of them, but you just know that you’re mind is stuck on something. Where ever it is?

What do you do with your own disappointment? When you know your not holding up your end of the bargain? Whether it’s to yourself or you’re not holding up to something you’ve set out to do? How to find that it’s ok in the moment? How do you move past?

Arms crossed
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Is it ok to be disappointed in yourself and those you care about? How is it possible to learn from that disappointment in a constructive way. When you know that communicating your disappointment will do no good at this time; when you don’t know how to vocalize your disappointment; when you’re not sure what you’re really disappointed in?

Disappointment is one of my least favorite emotions. It’s the least defined and the least productive, yet the most prevalent.

New Year, Old Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Every New Years’ eve we hear the same question over and over. “What is your New Year’s resolution?” Mine is always the same. I don’t make any.

No goal is going to be achieved by making a snap decision on a “random” day and expecting to stick with it because you told someone on the last day of one year or the first day of the next year.

Statistically, most New Years resolutions are broken by the end of January.

Use me as an example. I want to enrich myself personally and professionally. Not just within 2011, but continuously.

Let’s look at some typical “resolutions”

I want to be healthier and lose weight.
I took up running and I’ve established a goal of running a half-marathon in 2011. To accomplish that goal, I have to complete many hurdles. First, I have to start to like running on a regular basis. That took me about two months to get used to it. Then, not only do you have to like to run, but then you have to start running outside, and sharpening up, for speed and distance/endurance. You shouldn’t make that decision lightly or glibly. You should plan, prepare, and execute.

“I want to further my education”
I wanted to better myself professionally. My thought: Never stop learning. You could read hundreds of books or you could hire someone to coach you through everything or you could take classes. I went back to school. The process is not an easy one, I couldn’t have just walked onto campus and said, “I want to start taking classes” and then been in classes in the next day/week. It took me 3 months to get everything squared away, and it’ll take me two years to complete my degree; fortitude, that’s the ticket.

I want to manage my money better. (Or I want to put more money in savings)
Money, it's a crime (Used under Creative Commons Licensing: Thanks Kiki99!)
This one can be a little more difficult. In that we have to change our thinking and our habits. You have to look at the things you spend your money on and whether you “need” or NEED them. Things like Rent/Mortgage, utilities or debt obligations are fixed items. I started out by just making a rudimentary list of what I spent my money on, where it was going compared to what was coming in and each month, I made little spending changes to better organize where my financial position was. This all takes time and effort. Not a quick-fix change of your mind.

I’m not saying that the end of one year and the beginning of another isn’t a good time to make goals for the next year. The only thing I’m saying is don’t make them because you feel you have to, make them because you really want to be better or have better things. Being healthier, smarter or financially secure are never bad goals to have, but their easier to accomplish if you work at it.
These things have worked for me in 2010 which leaves me in a much stronger position to keep them going in 2011. Start now, but ensure that you’re going to keep going throughout the year. Take small bites, you won’t feel stuffed so fast.

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