Giraffes Have Long Necks.

A lady-in-waiting once said to Marie Antoinette, “if you don’t stick out your neck maybe the executioner will miss with his axe.” Instead, she stuck out her neck proudly and we all know how that ended.

(Used under creative commons, thanks, Dgroth!)

I’ve never been accused of being popular, this may or may not come as a shock to some. What I have been accused of: Being a staunch and steadfast friend, being a worthy opponent, being a trusted ally, and finally, someone who isn’t afraid nor ashamed of saying what he’s thinking. This is one of those times.

If the creator had a purpose in equipping us with a neck, he surely meant us to stick it out. – Arthur Koestler

Recently, I called an attempt at viral marketing, “spam.” I decided to look up the definition of spam:

From Wikipedia:

Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, online classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, social networking spam, television advertising and file sharing network spam… … Because the barrier to entry is so low, spammers are numerous, and the volume of unsolicited mail has become very high.

This led to a variety of responses on a said social networking platform. I received messages ranging from “Thank you for speaking out” to “I’m pretty disappointed in you” and some not publishable here. (This is a family show, you know.) Instantly, on this social networking platform, there was an effort to silence my assessment of the situation. Yet, I notice, the “viral marketing effort” stopped. I’ll let that speak for itself.

For the record, I have nothing to apologize for, other than voicing my opinion, which I’m sure you’re already used to.

The beauty of social media, as illustrated in my friend Cheryl’s blog post: “Social Media is fascinating because it provides a democratic opportunity for all voices to be heard in social debates.” It does, it truly does, Sometimes there are attempts to silence you to in social media, in meetings, in a circle of friends. But, believe me, when the naysayers and the doomsayers fade into the darkness, you’ll be standing strong, and if you feel like you’re standing alone, I’ll stand with you.

Me and myself: What you see is what you get (Self Deception)
(Used under creative commons, thanks Jcoterhals!)

“A noble heart embiggens the smallest man.” – The Simpsons

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mark Brian says:

    I think you are right for calling it the way you see it.

    Just keep on being you. Call it like you see it. F’ em if they can’t handle the truth.

    1. Schnik says:

      That’s one of my favorite sayings. That, and F’em if they can’t take a joke, cause laughter is what it’s all about. 🙂

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