Good Customer Service: America’s Tire

I’m heading to Seattle tomorrow. It’s about a 3 hour drive and my tires were starting to mimic that of a newborn’s behind. Well, that and the last time I drove to the Emerald city, one of my tires decided to belch while on I-5.

(Used under Creative Commons, thanks Gerardov!)

I didn’t want that to happen again

So I shopped around online and found that most all tire companies are the same, well, at least in price. So I had some errands to run and went to the one closest to where I needed to be – America’s Tire/Discount Tire.

When I walked in, I noticed they were hopping, not surprising for Thursday at 3:30. Still, no less than 3 employees looked up and greeted me. Then the phone started to ring, and I mean, started. Within one ring an associate picked up the phone and their greeting stopped me dead in my thoughts. – “Thank you for calling America’s Tire, How may I make you smile today?”

Wow. Now I’ve worked in Customer Service for the better part of 15 years and very often, when I’m calling businesses, you can tell the person on the other line is seriously disappointed they have to answer yet another call. This wasn’t the case with this guy. He sounded genuinely pleased to answer the call, and the ensuing questions.

(Used under Creative Commons, thanks rkleine!!)

I waited patiently until it was my turn, went up to the counter, informed the guy of my car’s year, make & model. Informed him that I only need 3 tires (since I just replaced one.) He looked at his computer and said, This one says you need one thing, but I want to match them to your current tires. He went out, looked at my tires and came back, turns out, the computer wasn’t exact. He found me some tires which were cheaper than the computer said, with lifetime replacement/repair and he said he would cover the tire I bought at that other company under the same warranty for no additional charge.

Now, this was a pretty busy evening, but I was informed it would only take an hour for them to get my car in and out of the service bay. So I went off to run my errands. Forty-five minutes later, my phone rang, they were almost done and wanted to let me know.

When I got back to the location, they were pulling the car out of the service bay, parked it in front and as I went to get my keys, the service tech informed me about their suggested rotation schedule, their replacement policy and what tire pressure my tires should be at. That’s never happened to me at Les-Other place.

As the gentleman handed my keys back, he reached out to shake my hand.

(Used under Creative Commons, thanks K.Hoppdelaney)

With that, and all the above, America’s Tire just made a very happy, and loyal customer.

3 responses to “Good Customer Service: America’s Tire”

  1. Awesome! I love posts like this. Hearing your experience makes me more willing to try America’s Tire next time around.

    I wrote a “good guys” post about Les-Other and Bike ‘N Hike a couple of years back. Still makes me smile to read it. 🙂

    I need to look for more opportunities to write good things.

  2. I was just there to get some tires rotated (probably the same location) 😉
    and having purchased my set of tires there, I will probably never visit the other place. These guys have always had a great attitude when I have been in there.

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