Music: It’s All Garbage.

I’ve been listening to some music a lot lately, and while I know people know that I’m a big fan of some artists, I have a special affinity for Garbage. I found their music when I was going through a pretty interesting time in my life and they became the de-facto soundtrack to my early adulthood. I wanted to share some of my favorite songs of theirs with you.


It’s interesting how we take to destroying and defending people we love/hate, even when they’re the same person at the same time. People sometimes take on a mirror-image to ourselves or we subjugate ourselves to others. This song really spoke to me, (Besides, the video is pretty spectacular, too.)

When I Grow Up:

We never know what we want to be when we grow up. I certainly don’t. In our youth, we think we do, we think we have the answers or the vision to make the right decisions. That’s not always the case. We accept when we’ve done and move on, right?

Why Do You Love Me?:

I’ve asked this question of many, many times over. It can be difficult for us just to accept who we are and those who have come into our lives. They come into our lives for a reason, but equally, they leave for a reason, too. Most times, we don’t realize they needed to go long before they do, mostly because we’re still holding on to the silence.

Bleed Like Me:

Ever had a song that spoke to you on such deep levels you wondered if they were reading your thoughts? This song did that when it first arrived. I’d been having a really rough time in my life and this song felt like it was taking all the thoughts I was having and playing them with such a beautiful melody. Whenever I was feeling super lost, this song tried to pull me through.

The World Is Not Enough:

Many of you have probably heard this song before. When Garbage released their first album, they were approached to write and perform this song for the 007 Movie, The World Is Not Enough. Whenever I’m feeling like I need an extra oomph, this song is definitely in the play list. The video is pretty spectacular, too. Shirley Manson is absolutely beautiful. You can’t help but to be drawn to it. This lyric makes me swoon, everytime: “If we can’t have it all, then nobody will.”

Finally, I leave you with this, Garbage’s final music video.

Tell Me Where It Hurts.

When this was released and I found out the band was ceasing to produce music. I just didn’t know what to do. I have all of their albums and many of their B-sides. They are one of, if not, my favorite band. This song really explained how I was feeling in the moment. It’s also spoken to me as a fixer, I like to fix things, problems, people, and situations. When I hear this song now, it reminds me of good and bad times. We all have those songs.

Why this long diatribe? I’ve heard recently that Garbage may be back in the studio. I can’t wait. Their music, as I’ve said, speaks to me. I can’t wait for it. I’ll be waiting in line.

I know you all have songs which speak to you. What are some of your “go-to” songs?

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