Do You Believe then Belong or the reverse?

I heard an interesting generational statement not to long ago. It referenced the Older Generation’s ability to belong to something then believe in something, the person went on to say that my generation has to be convinced they believe something before they’re willing to belong.

This stuck in my craw.

I’ve been pondering that for almost a whole week. I keep coming back to it. I’ve been involved in so many things recently. Things I believe in, things I belong to, but rarely do I think of the two of them in conjunction. In my experience, if I belong to something, I must believe in it, Right?
Used Under Creative Commons: Thank you to Aftab

I think a more important thing to examine right now is the feeling of not believing, or those feelings when you don’t belong. I think we all have those moments in our lives. We believe what we believe and we’re hard-pressed to be convinced otherwise.

Right now, I’m not sure what I believe, or sometimes where I belong. I think that’s partially due to so many changes happening at once. I, like many of you, am fearful of change; leaving our solid ground, our substantial footing, stepping off the cliff, even to dive into the clearest blue skies.

Right now there are two things that I keep telling myself: I believe I am loved. I belong right here, in this moment.

Both of those things have been affirmed moreover in the last few days, more so than I’ve even been able to express. I try to remember to say thank you, but I may have forgotten so please accept this as my mea culpa if I haven’t reached out to you.

Believe & Belong or Belong & Believe, but do them both with equal dedication.

One response to “Do You Believe then Belong or the reverse?”

  1. Believe first then belong, or belong first then believe? I reject both.

    If belief comes before belonging, that implies that everyone who belongs believes exactly the same thing or else they’re out.

    If belief *must* follow belonging, that implies the same thing, just with a little delay before being booted out.

    How about belonging first, with some belief coming later, or maybe just a little belief before choosing to belong?

    Maybe this is my view because I belong without believing everything and don’t want the boot. 😉

    I like the two things you keep telling yourself.

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