I hate you. This is why.

I hate you. I really do, and here some of the reasons why:

(Used under creative commons, thank you Loving Earth!)

You challenge me, you never let me rest on my heels and say I can’t.
You make me strive to be better, better than I think I can be.
You know I’m stronger, stronger than I want to give myself credit for.
You leave me no way out, even when I’m fighting myself.
You don’t let me be weak for the sake of being weak.
You shine a light on me, when all I want to do is hide in the darkness.
You force me to choose, between “I can’t” or “I can but I’m looking for excuses.”
You open my eyes to things I know I should see.
You don’t let me isolate myself, even when I just want to be alone.
You give me reality when my head is in the clouds.
You toll the bell when I’m lost in the fog.

(Used under creative commons, thank you Jbspec7)

Incidentally, these are also all the reasons I’m glad you’re my friend.

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