…Like the wind

So, if you’ve followed me on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere, you’ve heard me, no doubt, lamenting my decision to run a 5k.

Well, I did it last weekend. I just wanted to share some pictures from it.

Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement.

What I was struck by, was a couple of things, First, there were SOOO many people, I think they capped participation at 5,000 runners. That’s a lot of people.

I almost ran it all, there was a mean, mean hill at the end. I tried hard, but I had to walk for a couple of seconds. My finishing time: 32:24 (10:26 minute miles, on average.) The photographer got me running, this is a pretty cool shot. 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. That is an awesome picture Nick. Congratulations man, that is a true accomplishment my friend!

  2. Mark Brian says:

    Very impressive. Many years ago (won’t say how many) I loved to run but sadly I got lazy and stopped.

    I wish I never quit. I hope you keep up with this new endeavor!

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