Insomniac Ramblings

There I was, nestled soundly in my bed, sleep eluded me, lucidity had taken hold. These words cracked through, flooding my mind. With pen in hand, I scribe them for you.

Those soft pale arms reach through my window. Those words rattle around my head. A shot in the dark, ricochet through a hole in the soul.  A shroud of sorrow just beyond the light. No tale to tell, to sanity to set sail. A solo melody rings from distant memory. The familiar, enveloping, chill of the crisp bite of a dark wistful night. The tonnage of a world’s weight rests fully on the crest of a furrowed brow.

The steely façade cracks to reveal the remnants of a blessed smile. Leading, yet lost from blinding darkness; silent, yet screaming for moments free from tenacious torture. Bathing in the heat of the moon’s dull glow, shivering upon the dawn’s arrival. We all seek what we seem to see.

Don’t be afraid to be weak ~ Don’t be too proud to be strong ~ Just look into your heart my friend ~ That will be the return to yourself ~ The return to innocence ~ If you want, then start to laugh ~ If you must, then start to cry ~ Be yourself don’t hide ~ Just believe in destiny ~ Don’t care what people say ~ Just follow your own way ~ Don’t give up and miss the chance ~ To return to innocence ~ That’s not the beginning of the end ~ That’s the return to yourself
The return to innocence

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