8 comments on “Lack of Service In A Service Industry.

  1. Exactly! I hate hate hate that in situations like this you only get a good resolve because you “know” someone. EVERY guest should receive good customer service! arggggghh

    • Me too, Nancy. I am glad I was able to get something done, but it was sad that I had to call in the big guns when I should have been able to sort it out. 😦 – Yes, they missed the mark.

  2. It’s funny you should post this. I just had one of the most simultaneously worst and best customer service experiences of my life, at my optometrist’s office.

    You would think, in “these difficult economic times”, that businesses wouldn’t treat the customer as though they are privileged to pay for the services the biz is providing. With so many options out there, there’s not a business surviving right now – hotel or otherwise – that can afford to skimp on the customer service thing.

    It sucks that you had this experience, though. I feel bad for the people who don’t know people.

    • I really try not to be “that guy” who uses the “I’m somebody” attitude, I don’t think it’s helpful. But I also call out good customer service when I see it. They had an opportunity here, I could have easily had an experience that was great and I would have become their biggest supporter. Instead, their service was remarkable for different reasons. It’s sad. Really. (Thanks for the comment! BTW)

  3. I recently had a similarly bad experience w/ Lenscrafters. When I complained on Twitter, they said they would do something about it right away. What I got was a call from the store saying that I needed to be patient and wait for my glasses, even though 1. they didn’t know what happened to my glasses and 2. they had no time frame on re-ordering them.

    It was only when I emailed their Social Media person and told them that I would share my story with all of my 1900 Twitter followers that the regional manager called me (10 minutes later) and offered me a full refund. Five minutes after that, the store called me and said they had my glasses ready. What a miracle!

    It seems like the bottom line is that many organizations don’t really understand what good customer service is and how it can affect their business. I think Lenscrafters only cared because I was going to tell my story more than I already had on Twitter.

    Even though they gave me a full refund, I will not go back to Lenscrafters. I was hung up on, treated unnecessarily rudely and given wrong information constantly. Ridiculous. In this day and age – people will find out if you have bad customer service. And your business WILL suffer.

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