I’m a Headliner

You know me and Personality Tests!

I’m a “Headliner!” See if this sounds like me, from what you know.

Your Personality Type Score: ESFP Headliner
60% Extroverted | 35% Sensing | 80% Feeling | 35% Perceiving

Profile of an ESFP Headliner
ESFPs are enthusiastic, playful lovers of life, who live moment-to-moment. Curious, and observant, their reality is perceived with their senses, and they learn by doing. Impulsive, and unpredictable, they crave excitement; new experiences, new people, new ideas, new challenges. Gregarious, easy-going, and congenial, they enjoy social gatherings and teamwork, and usually possess a large circle of friends.

Very accepting of others, they are typically caring and sensitive, warm and generous, and sincere in their desire to help. Strong people handling skills, coupled with a realistic, optimistic approach, makes them persuasive and convincing salespeople. Often they have a well-developed sense of space and function, and an appreciation for art, nature and aesthetics.

They prefer to make their own rules and schedules, without having to follow a set structure, preferring to adapt to the moment. Their decisions are based on their inner values, rather than analysis or theories. Action and activity-oriented, they seldom have patience for routine tasks, detailed plans or long-term thinking.

Through infectious enthusiasm, they are great team players, and can be very effective at helping a team turn ideas into plans, establish order and achieve goals.

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