3 comments on “It Spoke to Me

  1. I thought I was the only one that did that with songs that spoke to me… And there’s some good lyrics here. I can see why they spoke to you. I think a lot of us can identify.

  2. Those are some pretty deep meaningful lyrics. It is amazing how we can find a song that seems to speak to us, or talk about whatever problem or situation we are going through at the time.

    Sometimes for me, the emotion conveyed in the music means more than the music itself. And sometimes I find myself listening to or even liking songs in a musical genre that is totally different than what I prefer because of the lyrics.

    Great lyrics can be poetry for the soul, an antidote to unhealthy emotions or a great way to express how you feel.

    • What I love most about Gaga is that she is usually discredited because of the outlandish things she does, but when you really listen to the words, you hear some of the greatest talent.

      …And she has the singing chops to match.

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