If Everyone Else Is Doing It…

My mother has always used the line on me: “If everyone else jumps off a bridge, would you?”


In many industries, your competitors set the tone, right? No, you should set the tone, your customers should set the tone, you should do what works for your business, not what you’re being told to do.

I was at an industry conference where almost every presenter told the audience that they: Must have an iPhone, iPad and must be doing video, or they’re going to be left behind by their competition. Now, I’ve been vocal about my displeasure of the sense of inferiority that iPhone users level at other phone users. “If you don’t have an iPhone, then you don’t have an iPhone,” the commercial states. Well, you’re right, I don’t have an iPhone, I made an informed decision when I purchased my smart phone.

I looked at the iPhone and I didn’t want it. Pure and simple. That’s my personal experience.

In the real estate industry I spend a great deal of time talking about smart phones, tablets and other “latest, greatest” devices that each agent “must have.” In this day and age, agents should have: A computer, a phone and a lockbox key. I’ve seen agents who are successful, who do not own a car.

All the rest is just additional toys. More things to charge at night. More things to fuss over, taking you away from your core business. I’ve written many times on here about doing things well, not because they make you cool.

This goes for blogging, video or technology. Sure, some of your competition is doing it, right now less than 1% of agents are using video. Will it set you apart, sure, is it immediately necessary? No.
Blogging is something that you should enjoy doing, it’s a commitment if your doing it for business. You have to set a publishing schedule, constantly create new and fresh content, otherwise, you’ll end up looking stale and people will stop looking.
As for technology, ask yourself this one question, “What problem are you trying to solve?” If you don’t have a problem, other than someone is telling you to jump, then you don’t need a solution. Sure, technology is fun, but having something in your hand is not going to immediately put something in your wallet.

Soap Bubbles
(Used under creative commons, thank you dmelchordiaz!)

Do the basics well, Do what you love, and the rest will fit naturally.

4 responses to “If Everyone Else Is Doing It…”

  1. I agree that it’s critical to look at the goal before purchasing the tools. It reminds me of the advice professional organizers give: declutter before you buy more storage containers. You may find that you don’t need them.

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